Researchers, designers, and practitioners in the field of ADS design meet up...

Automated driving systems (ADS) are mainly regarded from an innovation and technology-centered perspective. In academia, as well as in industry, there is a concentration on technical issues to maintain competitiveness while aspects like acceptance, trust and user experience are widely under-researched. However, the "human factor" is critical for a comprehensive establishment of ADS technology on the market. We believe that there is a need to focus on a user-centered design (UCD) perspectives to bring ADS innovation to a next level and to achieve a wide acceptance in society. In this workshop, we want to discuss special requirements of UCD applied to ADS to address challenges and opportunities and to reveal new research fields for future work.

Topics of interest

Potential topics to be discussed at the workshop include, but are not limited to, the following objectives:

  • What are special requirements for Automated Driving Systems (ADS) regarding UCD?
  • What does User-Centered Design mean for ADS?
  • Which aspects of ADS need to be evaluated (i.e., pragmatic and hedonic quality, user needs, emotions, others)?
  • What are specific challenges of the different levels of ADS (according to SAE, NHTSA, BASt classification) on UCD? Are the existing definitions suited for actual users?
  • Which existing evaluation approaches and methods are feasible?
  • Is there a need to adapt exiting approaches and methods for ADS?
  • How can existing approaches and methods be adapted for ADS?