Time plan for the Workshop

The workshop will take place on Friday, September 1st 2017 from 09:00 AM till 12:15 PM and is divided into three sessions:

  • Session 1: Invited keynote speeches: After an introduction into the workshop, the first part of the workshop will be dedicated to invited keynote speeches (3 presentations from researchers active in the area).
  • Session 2: Speed dating and brainstorming wall: In the second part, workshop participants will introduce each other in pairs in just one minute. We used this format in many other workshops and found it in a good instrument to foster networking. After that, we will brainstorm about hot topics, challenges, problems, etc. in the broader area of the workshop.
  • Session 3: Group discussions and summary presentations: The third part will be group discussions. Participants will be grouped into teams of ca. 5 persons. Each team will be dealing with one particular topic based on the results from the brainstorming session (prepared by workshop organizers, e.g., trust, hand-over, ethics, etc.). In each team, a moderator will be appointed and a member of the organizing team will be present as well. At the end of the group session, the outcome of the group works will be presented to the auditorium. Each team will have a few minutes to convey the main findings.

Workshop location: Pestana Palace Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal - room T2. For more information, see RO-MAN 2017 website at http://www.ro-man2017.org or the program available here: RO-MAN 2017 Friday program

Participation: The workshop is open to all interested researchers (as long as we can accommodate space/seats), i.e., we allow participation without accepted position paper but require registration for the workshop (either with the conference registration or later via Email to the workshop organizers or the local arrangement chair). We explicitely invite participants (in particular also from industry!) without accepted submissions to provide/discuss their point of view related to the workshop topic.

A detailed schedule (tentative) is given in the following table

09:00-09:10 Workshop "CARobots: Automated Driving Systems as Robots on Four Wheels"
Welcome and introduction to workshop goals
09:10-09:45 Session 1: Invited keynote speeches [Chair: Andreas Riener]
Invited talks, 2 presentations a 15 min. followed by each short Q&A
09:45-10:00 Session 2a: "Speed dating" [Chair: Andreas Riener]
A warm-up session of "getting known to each other"
10:00-10:30 Session 2b: "Brainstorming wall" [Chair: Myounghoon Jeon]
Exercise to loosen up everybody for the next session. More information on the format will be provided in the workshop
10:30-11:00 Coffee break (30 min.)
11:00-12:00 Session 3a: Interactive session (team work) [Chair: Myounghoon Jeon]
Split into subgroups and discuss hot topics related to the workshop (prepared by organizers, based on the results of the brainstorming wall)
12:00-12:10 Session 3b: Group discussion results [Chair: Myounghoon J.]
Presentation to the auditorium (few PowerPoint slides or a Flipchart poster per group)
12:10-12:15 Wrap-up and closing
Wrap-up, recap, and next steps (publication plan, etc.)
12:15-14:00 Joint lunch (optional)
NOT provided by the conference
Since restaurants are not located in a short walk distance from the hotel, the conference organization may provide transportation (aligned with the W/T time schedule) to a specific area around with options for lunch (this info will be confirmed soon).