Time plan for the AutoWork 2020 workshop at AutomotiveUI'20:

(Preliminary, Last Update: 2020/08/07)


Kick Off Session (@AUTOUI2020.VFAIRS.COM) 01:00 pm, EDT, 22nd September 2020
Focus Session (Zoom) 12:00 pm, EDT / 06:00 pm, CEST, 22nd October 2020

At the conference: Kick Off Session (60 min.) Schedule

Topic intro by the organizers 15 min.
One-sentence self-introduction by participants 15 min.
“Semi-randomly” formed breakout groups formed to start group activities (user stories) 25 min.
End of the session, invitation to a “creative break” and the second “Focus session” 5 min.

After the conference:“Creative break” and “In-depth focus session” Schedule

Creative break, where participants are encouraged to work on their user stories in a digital shared document ~ 2 weeks
Focus session on Zoom with extended group work (prototyping, brainstorming, based on the user stories) and presentation to the workshop participants 1.5 - 2.5 hours