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Trust in Automated Vehicles

  Linz Institute of Technology

This survey is a cooperation of CARISSMA/THI, Linz Institute of Technology, and international partner institutions. We frequently assess public opinions on automated vehicles and are interested on your personal attitude towards theses types of vehicles. Completing this survey will roughly take 20-30 minutes.

The results of this survey will help to increase safety aspects of upcoming vehicle generations, and as well allow to tailor them to your personal needs. After completing the first part of the survey, we will present you five videos of an automated car in different real road conditions. Afterwards, we please you to evaluate the presented system.

Please use a desktop-PC or laptop with an HTML-5 compatible browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge) for completing this survey. Mobile devices (smartphones/tablet computers) as well as other browsers (such as Safari) are not explicitely supported, what may result in bad viewing conditions or other issues!